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Stylish, Functional, & Handmade

The Clay Coyote is a Gallery and Pottery Studio on the edge of prairie in the heARTland of Minnesota! The year-round Gallery carries more than 150 artists from across the country and is the perfect place to find a unique, handmade gift for a loved one (or yourself). The Clay Coyote Studio is also home to our small business incubator for emerging ceramic artists. The Emerging Artists work will be available for purchase in the Gallery and online starting in September 2016.




Passing Down the Family Business

The Clay Coyote has been a family business from day one and now it’s time to pass the torch to Morgan.

(pictured: Betsy, Morgan, Tom)

Clay Coyote Story

When the Clay Coyote first began more than two decades ago, the vision was simple: create a space where people come to buy handmade, functional, and affordable pottery in central Minnesota.

Those words still read true today as we turn the page at the Clay Coyote and start a new chapter.

At the Clay Coyote we believe in creating a new destination for Emerging Artists and the clay-loving community that supports their craft so that there are new potters and new handmade arts for generations to come.

Because of the high cost of starting a pottery studio and the high cost of ongoing management of a pottery studio, there is a need for artists to come together to share resources. The Clay Coyote is designed as an incubator for three potters to build their businesses. The Clay Coyote offers a fully functioning studio space and retail space. We all work together to create an environment that encourages creation of high quality, unique, and affordable handmade pottery. We provide a space that allows for continuous collaboration, education, and testing. Our goal is to support the Clay Coyote Emerging Artists as they launch their own small businesses.

Since 2002, the Clay Coyote Gallery has become a special place for art-lovers in the community. The Gallery features functional pottery, unique handmade jewelry, functional and sculptural glass, turned wood, forged metals, and textile art. The Gallery is the go-to place for special, one-of-a-kind, handmade, affordable gifts in Hutchinson.

passing torch to MorganOver the next few months, the Clay Coyote Studio will undergo a refresh to prepare the space for the new Emerging Artists (to follow the progress, stay tuned to our blog). During this time, the Gallery will remain open and continue to add new artist’s work all the time. The Gallery Gals and Morgan will be available everyday to answer questions and show you what’s new.

Here at the Clay Coyote we promise to continue to build on the amazing foundation that Tom and Betsy created.


Frequently Asked Questions

Can I still purchase Clay Coyote Pottery?
Will the Gallery be closed down at all?
Will there be less inventory in the Gallery?
Will the Gallery be hiring new staff?
Will my punch card still be honored?
Will gift certificates still be honored?
What’s the difference between the Clay Coyote under Tom Wirt and Betsy Price versus Ian and Morgan Baum’s new leadership?
Will Morgan & Ian be making pottery?
Who are the new Emerging Artists and when will I be able to buy their pottery?
What will the new Studio look like?
Will there be a Minnesota Pottery Festival in 2016? Beyond?
What will Tom and Betsy do in retirement?

Got more questions? Send them to and we’ll add to this FAQ as we go.

"Everything about Clay Coyote and the Gallery is a treasure for us and the appreciative arts community. In moving back to Minnesota, we had no idea we’d be blessed with this wonderful studio. It’s our go-to place for gifts and items for our home and ourselves."

- Roger and Rita Tiede (Hutchinson, MN)



Our Gallery features functional pottery, functional and sculptural glass, unique handmade jewelry, turned wood, forged metals, textile art, and more! The Gallery is the go-to place for special, one-of-a-kind, handmade, affordable gifts in Southwest Minnesota. The Gallery sells the work of more than 150 artists from across the country and starting this fall we will feature the Emerging Artists’ work.


If you have a question or comment, please feel free
to contact us by phone or email.

Phone: (320) 587-2599


Monday - Saturday: 10:00am to 5:00pm
Sunday: Noon to 4:00pm

Closed some Holidays


Sometimes map apps will send you off the beaten path so take a look at the directions provided below. If you have any questions, call us and we’ll have you navigated. 

From Hutchinson
From Twin Cities (North)
From Twin Cities (South)

Emerging Artist Studio

The Clay Coyote is a small business incubator for emerging ceramic artists in central Minnesota. Not only do we supply a state-of-the-art studio space, we also provide skill development training to help our Emerging Artists successfully launch their own pottery businesses. Our Emerging Artists have an instant marketplace to sell their work in our established gallery and online store. Together, the Emerging Artists and the Clay Coyote team collaborate and grow the next generation of Minnesota potters.

To find out more about the Emerging Artist Studio, please complete this form.

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Meet Morgan

When people ask where I grew up I say, “a pottery farm.” It normally garners a chuckle and a follow up “what’s that?” But it’s my story. In 1994, my mom (Betsy) and her partner (Tom) decided to move our family from the suburbs of Chicago to start what became the Clay Coyote Pottery business on a 60-acre hobby farm in Hutchinson, MN.

Their vision was to create a destination where people could come to buy handmade, functional, and affordable pottery in central Minnesota.

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Studio Refresh

After months of planning it's time for the studio refresh!

What's coming?

Over the next two months we'll be refreshing the studio to add some new, modern touches. We'll be replacing walls and windows, moving the kilns around, adding new energy-efficient lighting, building new shelves, creating a new glazing station, and adding some color!

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