Handmade Stoneware Ceramic Pottery for Cooking, Baking and Serving Healthy Food Cooked in Clay

Clay Coyote Handmade Pottery For Cooking, Baking and Tableware
So you may be asking what has happened to the Clay Coyote website, where are all of the pots? Well, there comes a time when even potters have to retire. In June 2016, Tom and Betsy are passing the torch to Morgan Baum, Betsy's daughter. So although we are coming to the end of the Clay Coyote pottery, we do still have some pots left even though the website doesn't reflect that. If there is a piece (or two, or five...it has been very busy here!) that you would still like to get, please call us at 888-737-4014 and we will let you know if it is available and in what glazes. You can place your order over the phone. Thank you!

Clay Coyote Beer Can Chicken Baker
Beer Can Chicken Baker
Our Price: $45.00
Sushi and Appetizer Plate
Our Price: $32.00

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